The Dirt Salon marks the first full month of spring with a fashion and art experience. A portion of the proceeds of the show will go to March for Our Lives.

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Saturday, April 14, 6-10 PM
Light refreshments will be served.

Tickets: $10 in Advance; $15 at the Door



Elisa Tenenbaum - Oil on Wheel Covers

Elisa Tenenbaum’s wheel cover paintings combine a distinctive botanical oil painting style with repurposed stainless steel wheel covers. Tenenbaum says, “I started working with the wheel covers about eight years ago when I had the desire to drastically change the format of my paintings. The idea of re-purposing a found object appealed to me, economically and environmentally, and I like the way the decorative quality of the metal becomes an instant frame.

Born in Tennessee and raised in Atlanta, Elisa Tenenbaum received her M.F.A. from the University of Hartford, and remained in Connecticut working as an illustrator, fine artist and professor of art at Central Connecticut State University.


Chinnyere McPherson - FASCHINN - Introducing her new Wild HeART collection

The Wild HeART collection tells a story of an individual who has a vibrant soul and identifies as a free spirit. Going back to her original design roots, vibrant, saturated colors are at the forefront of this collection with black and white as the foundation. Playing with texture and movement, Wild HeART will bring an authentic, flirty and classic vibe.

Alexia LaLande - Studio a-lala

Studio a-lala will be going back to its scientific illustration roots and making anatomy related sculptures.

Andre Rochester will spice up the night doing live painting.

Music by DJ B.Davis.

Emcee: Brennden Colbert.

50 Bartholomew Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut 06106